Why Working for Murphy Research Rocks!

Although there are a lot of market research companies out there, Murphy Research stands out from the rest. As a two time winner of the Best Places to Work in LA award, let us tell you why we think Murphy Research is awesome.

We get to work on some very interesting projects with great clients.

At Murphy Research, researchers get the chance to work on both qualitative and quantitative projects, expanding their knowledge of different research methodologies and industries. Additionally, we collaborate and work with our clients to uncover enduring insights to help solve our clients' key research questions and objectives.

Unique, customized, creative research.

At the start of every project, there is an idea. As a company, we have a very unique way of looking at the research process; we start off with Creative Design where we begin developing the project, flow into the Rigorous Execution of the research methodology, and finally, provide our clients with Enduring Insights to their research questions, creating the three Murphy Research pillars. From the research design to the final deliverable, each foundational pillar is prevalent in every step of the research process. Murphy Research also prides itself on staying up-to-date on current, market research trends and incorporates them into our design, such as neuroscience methodologies.

Murphy Research Pillars

Weekly trainings to refresh your mind.

Every week, the company meets for training sessions to learn about the latest industry trends, new and existing clients, and freshen up skills on market research methodologies and practices. The trainings are a big factor in further developing one's capabilities and helps researchers fine-tune their skills.

Diverse Backgrounds.

Our team has backgrounds in English, Communications, Linguistics, Psychology, Business, and Neuroscience – just to name a few, and have experience from a number of different companies (inside and outside of market research). Our diverse backgrounds bring a fresh perspective to the work we do, helps us collaborate, and propels the team to provide best-in-class research.

Go Team!

At Murphy Research, every member of the team is valued, no matter what your current role. Whether you're a Research Associate, or a Research Director, everyone works together to deliver the best results. Remember, there is no ‘I' in team! We view our team as a great support system, both professionally and personally. Our teams make mentorship and teamwork a priority in order to foster individualized, professional development within market research, and as professionals in general.

Work hard to play hard.

With events such as the summer party, holiday party, happy hours, and many more, Murphy Research promotes a fun-infused environment where employees are encouraged to create friendships, and go beyond the work to develop lasting relationships. In addition to work events, Murphy Research also promotes a healthy work-life balance to ensure that you have enough time to unwind at the day's end. Murphy Research believes the amount of effort given should be the amount of the reward, thus the harder you work the more you're rewarded.

We could go on talking about how great Murphy Research is forever! Overall, it is a great company to work for, filled with a wonderful batch of talented people and many opportunities to thrive.

If you're interested in joining our team, check out our open positions here.