Where Do Consumers Stand On Sustainability?

In This Episode:

The call for a new, more conscious capitalism is coming from grassroots movements and from business leaders themselves. Consumers are more willing than ever to pay it forward and buy from responsible brands. In this episode, we discuss consumer attitudes and behaviors on sustainability. Stay tuned for insights!

Key Takeaways:

  • Consumer attitudes on retailers responsibility around sustainability
  • Opportunities for mission-driven brands to connect with consumers
  • Murphy Research’s Path to Purpose study that measure the impact of brand mission on purpose in consumer perceptions and purchasing


  • “So that puts 80% of people saying that grocery retailers should have a purpose other than making money. And for those of you who are not familiar with one of our syndicated studies we run called Path to Purpose. In that study, 80% of people felt the company should have a purpose beyond making money. So it’s actually lining up beautifully with some of the other work we’ve done around mission-driven brands.” – Maggie Bright
  • “How do you interrupt that cycle in a way that is meaningful to both the consumer and the environment, and the manufacturer or retailer, right? So it would just kind of counter sometimes to our like, consumption mentality and capitalism mentality in the US. So it makes sense that we would struggle more with sort of coming into sustainability through an environment or an economic lens.” – Sarah Marion
  • “There was a willingness to pay more to sacrifice some convenience, to give more to brands that did a better job of meeting some of these mission driven ideals. So there is a return on investment that is there for the taking. If, you know, if brands manufacturers retailers can kind of step up to the plate and help solve the problem.” – Sarah Marion