Using Murphy Research’s Three Pillars To Be A Better Motorcycle Racer

The Murphy Research Pillars define who we are as a company and our attitudes toward designing and conducting quality research projects. But their use extends beyond market research! Here's how the Murphy Research Pillars help me be a better racer.

Murphy Research Pillars

1. Creative Design

Before every race, I open my tool box and assess which racing skills will be most essential to navigating the specific track layout and tackling my closest rivals. Every track and every competitor present unique challenges making it necessary to design a unique strategy for every race.

Murphy Research Pillars-Creative Design

2. Rigorous Execution

Any racer will tell you, "smooth is fast." Improving lap times is less about trying to go fast and more about focusing on technique. Practicing skills over and over again before the race helps make sure I'm on the brakes at just the right time and hit the apex of every corner.

Murphy Research Pillars-Rigorous Execution

3. Enduring Insights

Reviewing video footage and taking notes after every race helps me remember what worked and what needs improvement for next time. Skipping this step means I have to start from scratch for my next race rather than building on previous learnings.

Murphy Research Pillars-Enduring Insights

Let us know how we can help in using these pillars to help you achieve your goals!