It’s Now Available! The Weekly Workout: Fitness Rhythms through the Week and Year

The Q2 2020 report from our State of Our Health Syndicated Series is now available for purchase! For more information or to purchase the report fill out the form here.

Integrating our robust, continuously tracking quantitative dataset with rich qualitative research from nutrition- and fitness-engaged consumers, this report focuses on fitness rhythms and patterns across the week and through the year. From daily fitness planning to seasonal changes in energy and activities, this report provides an in-depth look at how consumers approach and adapt their routines over time, including during the COVID pandemic.

Understanding how consumers plan and approach their exercise routines by the day and through the seasons is essential for crafting resonant communications and products that align with real needs. Some activities are more seasonal than they might appear – like weight training – while others remain constant day in and day out, like running or walking. Many activities have weekly patterns in both participation and intensity, and different types of activities align with different consumer profiles.

The Weekly Workout also includes deep dives into specific activities, including weekly and seasonal patterns in participation, intensity, and workout length, athlete demographics and cross-training, and athlete engagement with nutrition, formal diets, and spending and consumption on key fitness and nutrition categories.

State of Our Health is the largest U.S.-based health and wellness tracker, offering an in-depth look at this dynamic landscape among consumers aged 13 and up. Continuous data collection of 1,000 completes per month allows unrivaled ability to track measures across weeks, months, seasons, and years, as well as zero in on specific, hard-to-reach subgroups. For more information or to purchase the report fill out the form here.