The Rise of Online Fitness

In This Episode:

The entire sector of “online fitness” has seen a huge increase in interest among consumers, thanks to COVID. We sit down in today’s podcast and talk about what that looks like, if it’s here to stay, or if this is just another passing fad

Key Takeaways:

  • How online fitness has boomed during and since the pandemic
  • As we return to “normal” what aspects of online fitness are here to stay
  • Does the ease of online fitness take market share from in-person gyms
  • Does the data driven aspect of online fitness actually make for better workouts
  • Does setting an environment matter when it comes to fitness
  • What problems does online fitness solve


  • “One of the things that we know qualitatively that people like about going to the gym, is just having a space where you are able to put yourself in a place and a mindset and a social environment where you focus on your fitness.” – Sarah Marion
  • “The thing about online fitness that I like so much is that it’s so metric driven.You can track it, you can tell if you beat yourself, you can tell if you’re beating other people.” – Maggie Bright
  • “I think online fitness is going to be the cheap value solution.” – Chuck Murphy