The Fitness World of Gen X

In This Episode:

Chuck Murphy and Sarah Marion take a deep dive into the fitness habits, struggles, and differences of Gen X. They discuss what they are into, trends they are seeing, and how best to serve them moving forward.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gen X is less likely to work out at the gym or use fitness memberships compared to other generations.
  • A clear lack of fitness programming specifically for Gen X
  • Gen X has a different approach to fitness, viewing it as important but not the organizing principle of their lives.
  • Gen X values self-sufficiency and independence, leading them to prioritize fitness as a personal responsibility rather than a social activity.
  • Gen X is harder to market to due to their skepticism and desire for self-sufficiency, making it challenging to sell them fitness programs.


  • “Gen X has some of the lowest numbers of gym memberships. The boomers are actually more likely to have gym memberships than Gen X does.” – Sarah Marion
  • “I do think that Gen X has always been attitudinally very different, and there’s definitely aspects of the younger generations that feel more like boomers than they do.” – Chuck Murphy
  • “I think that a big chunk of it is generational. I do believe that life stage plays a part. I think these are two things that are related. But generationally, I do think that as millennials move into middle age, more of them will keep their gym memberships than Gen X has.” – Sarah Marion


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