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Murphy Research’s State of Our Health (SOOH) series is the largest syndicated health and wellness tracker and has been continuously collecting detailed data on consumer attitudes and behaviors around health, fitness and nutrition since 2018.

State of our Health is used by leading fitness and nutrition brands to provide an in-depth look at this dynamic, ever-changing landscape among teens and adults.

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▸ Insights on Demand |

Subscribers gain access to the SOOH portal, allowing you to get insights at the speed your business moves. Explore nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness trends in our proprietary data portal. Save your most important dashboards and subgroups to make reporting fast and easy.

▸ Incredible Depth |

SOOH offers incredible depth of insights related to nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness, and is continuously adding new data. The series allows you to delve deeply into subgroups, explore relationships between nutrition and fitness attitudes and behaviors, and keep up to date on key trends for your brand.

▸ Best-in-class Reporting |

Our world-class analysts walk you through the data with quarterly and annual reports. A mix of special reports, webinars, and other subscriber benefits keep you abreast of the key trends in these fast changing categories.

2020 Annual Trends |

The COVID pandemic reshaped many of our lives over the past year, sometimes for the worse, but sometimes for the better. Join us in this white paper style report as we review the top trends in health engagement, fitness, food, and mindfulness that defined 2020, and what they mean for the future.

Gen Z on the Rise |

For Q4, we look at health and wellness among emerging consumers, exploring fitness, nutrition, and wellness among teens and young adults - otherwise known as Gen Z. Besides being highly connected and tech savvy, Gen Z also has had far more education about health, nutrition, and fitness than previous generations, including Millennials.

Eating for Health & Happiness |

Q3’s report provides an in-depth look at food philosophies in the age of personalized eating. Even though consumers have moved away from the one-size-fits-all diet fads of the 1980’s and 1990’s, they continue to experiment with different eating approaches in high numbers.


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