SOOH 2022 Annual Trends Report SOOH 2022 Annual Trends Report

State of Our Health 2022 Annual Trends Report
Tracking a Year of Continuous Change: 10 Trends That Will Shape 2022



2021 was a roller coaster year, building on the changes and challenges of 2020, but also giving us a taste of post-pandemic life. This white-paper style report digs into 10 trends from 2021 and what they mean for 2022.

1. Health engagement moves from aspiration to action

2. Mindfulness shifts consumers' approaches to food and fitness

3. Millennials prioritize wellness over work

4. Disruption of fitness patterns continues

5. Gym membership rebounds, but members are different

6. Online fitness will overtake gym memberships

7. Team sports come back in the second half

8. Women continue to avoid dining out

9. Younger consumers go organic

10. Millennials say no to meat

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