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Murphy Research's Purpose Quotient measures the impact of brand mission and purpose, beyond profit, in consumer perceptions and purchasing.

The call for a new, more conscious capitalism is coming from grassroots movements and from business leaders themselves. Consumers are more willing than ever to pay it forward and buy from responsible brands.

In this changing business environment, it is imperative that a company understands its path to purpose. That is, how consumers view its mission and impact, and how it can change those perceptions for the better.

The Purpose Quotient provides both a benchmark and a diagnostic toolkit for building loyalty and longevity in the new era of stakeholder capitalism.

Authentic, mission-driven brands are clearly converting consumers

From food & beverage to beauty, automotive to apparel, retail to restaurants, mission-driven brands have disrupted decades of brand positioning.

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Consumers are willing to spend on brands that share their values

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But in polarizing times, it can be hard for brands to navigate the politics around different causes

Consumers are energized and engaged. This is a time of both challenge and opportunity.

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Murphy Research's Path to Purpose and Purpose Quotient provide an objective framework for understanding the impact of mission and purpose in today's marketplace, with 125 major brands and companies in the system so far.

  • The Purpose Quotient is a benchmark - a measure of current performance relative to both direct competitors and other industries.
  • It is also a diagnostic tool, providing critical information about what drives consumer perceptions related to mission and where brands are over- or under-performing.

More than 25,000 brand ratings form the foundation of the Purpose Quotient scoring system, with more to come. A brand's Purpose Quotient (PQ) incorporates:

  • Reach and power in the marketplace
  • Alignment with consumer values
  • Impact on the broader world beyond profit
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Brand mission

Proud to work for

Shares my values

Shareholder profit - negative

Alignment with consumer values

Brand impact on the world

Broader impact beyond profit

Brand familiarity

Willingness to pay for

Reach and power in the marketplace

How does your brand measure up?

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