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Understanding Shopper Behavior in an Omnichannel World


You may already know that shopping preferences are changing rapidly due to
the rise of e-commerce and proliferation of mobile devices.

But, did you realize...

Shopper Report 2018
Shopper Report 2018

To see the insights, data and analysis covered in this survey, view a recording of our shopper trends webinar.


The latest shopper study by Murphy Research cuts through the noise to pinpoint five distinct shopper profiles, each with unique and sometimes surprising attributes, behaviors and preferences. These archetypes go beyond generational stereotypes; understanding them will give marketers deep insights into groups that are often misunderstood.

The comprehensive data and analysis contained in this study will give you the intelligence you need to engage and grow your current and target markets - and help put you on the path to personalization and revenue growth.

Shopper Report 2018


Better understand your current and target customers with data & analysis covering:
  • Shopping attitudes and purchase drivers
  • Personality and lifestyle insights
  • Product research sources and decision influencers
  • Shopping channel preference and usage
  • Technology's influence on shopping habits
  • Much more!

Data is available across shopper archetypes and multiple demographic groupings.

  • 20-minute online survey
  • Over 50 questions
  • 2,789 respondents
    • Age 18+
    • Responsible for household shopping
Field dates:
  • January 17-23, 2018

Screener & Shopper Profile

Screener & Profile Builder:

  • Age/Gender
  • Involved in household shopping
  • Shopped online and in physical stores

General Shopping Behavior:

  • Types of physical stores/ frequency
  • Types of e-commerce retailers/ frequency
  • Recent purchase of products & services across multiple categories

Shopper Segmentation

Shopper Segmentation:

  • Shopping attitudes and habits
  • Level of pre-purchase planning and research
  • Information sources used when researching
  • Use of digital channels during shopper journey
  • Brand loyalty
  • Importance of price, value and budget
  • Reasons for choosing a retailer
  • Focus on sustainability and social responsibility
  • Desire for personalization
  • Payment method

Product Category Behavior:

  • Purchase motivation
  • Purchase location and selection reasons
  • Research and comparison shopping
  • Influence of price, brand, recommendations, etc.
  • Level of spend
  • Use of coupons and promotions

Demographics & Psychographics

Demographics & Psychographics:

  • Health and lifestyle
  • Tech usage
  • Financial stress level
  • Life events
  • Personality traits
  • Region
  • Urban, rural, suburban
  • HH Structure
  • Education
  • Employment
  • HH Income
  • Ethnicity



2018 Shopper Trends Report







Summary Report

High-level insights into shopping behavior by shopper segment

Detailed Report

Deep analysis of shopping behavior & attitudes

Full profiles of shopper segments and demographic groups

Overview of data across key product categories

Full data tables and cross tabs    
Printed & bound Summary Report    
Q&A with Research Director    


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