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Our syndicated practice was born out of a curiosity to answer the big questions consistently emerging during our client conversations. And, like most endeavors at Murphy Research, we went big. We started by designing the largest continuous tracker focused on fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness. Then we tackled how to calculate the ROI on Corporate Responsibility and the impact of financial influencers on behavior in the marketplace.

Each of these studies is predicated on a real-world business objective which means the design was not done in a vacuum and seeks to provide relevant, actionable insights to guide companies as they meet the changing needs of their customers.

We bring the pillars of our custom research, creativity, rigor and lasting insights, to all of our syndicated work. This dedication results in best-in-class sampling and data quality, innovative design and deliverables, and story driven insights to engage stakeholders, facilitate strategic conversations, and empower innovation and growth throughout organizations.


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