The Return to In-Person Fitness: Fitness Routines and the New Normal

State of Our Health Q3 2022


After so much volatility in the fitness industry, 2022 was the year that consumers could finally return to gyms, studios, and other in-person fitness options. In this report, we dig into how consumers have approached this shift and what their fitness routines look like now. We also explore what’s changed since pre-pandemic, including how fitness consumers have adapted and experimented, where workouts have shifted as consumers left and rejoined gyms, the role that at-home and online fitness has played in the return to the gym, and which consumers actually returned.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, consumers’ gym habits are markedly different than pre-pandemic. We combine trended quantitative data and qualitative consumer interviews to explore how consumer habits have changed, and learn what these changes mean for both consumers and for those with a stake in the fitness industry today.


1. Background, Methodology, Executive Summary, Key Takeaways

2. Back to Normal, But Not the Same – Consumers feel “back to normal” in many areas of life, but what does this new normal look like in terms of their health engagement, self-assessed performance, and health barriers?

3. So Many Fitness Options, So Little Time – Learn how workout locations, activities, and approaches have changed now that exercisers truly have all their fitness options on the table.

4. The Return to the Gym – Gain context around the return to in-person fitness, including how gym members have changed, how they’ve adapted their workouts and workout locations, and what they look for in a gym now.

5. What’s New in Q3 – Explore highlights from this past quarter to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. In this section, we highlight key trends around health engagement, activities, performance on personal goals, and what’s shifting in nutrition and fitness over the busy summer and early fall months.

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