The Millennial Engagement Gap: Exploring Gender Differences among Millennials in Food & Fitness

State of Our Health Q3 2023


Compared to other generations, Millennials are the most consistently active around health and wellness. They spend more than other generations and are more engaged with the latest trends. They workout more often and in more locations. They are more engaged in active nutrition and health-forward food and beverage, like organics, alternative meat and dairy, functional ingredients, and specialized supplements.

At the same time, Millennials have the largest gender gaps in engagement of any generation. Millennial men are much more likely than Millennial women to do all of the above, suggesting that many of these trends may be driven by men rather than women. These patterns are true even among Millennial men and women with similar incomes, education levels, and life stages. 

In this report, we focus on “affluent Millennials,” defined as those with a $75,000 HHI or more. This is the group behind many of the trends in both fitness and food over the past 10-15 years, and yet the engagement gap persists even among them. 

What factors are behind these gaps, and how can we help Millennial women meet their goals while also maintaining Millennial men’s engagement?


  1. Background, Methodology, Executive Summary, Key Takeaways
  2. The Millennial gender gap: What is the Millennial gender gap and how is it different from other generations? Is that gap one of attitudes, action, aspiration, or some combination? 
  3. Finding the truth in Millennials’ approach to nutrition: What does the Millennial gender gap look like when it comes to food and eating and what is driving it, especially since Millennials are the first generation to treat grocery shopping as more gender-neutral chore?
  4. The Millennial fitness gap: Given that both Millennial men and women are in a very time-starved stage of life, balancing work and raising young familiars, why are men so much more invested in exercise than women?
  5. What’s New in Q3: Explore trended data highlights covering health engagement, priorities, performance, motivations, and nutrition and fitness behaviors for Q3 2023.

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