The Conflicting Landscape of Nutrition: Diets, Eating STyles, and the Changing Approach to Nutrition

State of Our Health Q1 2023


Through the pandemic, significantly more consumers across all demographics have become engaged with nutrition, and fewer report struggling with healthy eating. At the same time, nutrition-engaged consumers have been moving away from restrictive approaches to eating and putting taste above nutrition. In this report, we explore this seeming discrepancy to better understand how consumers today approach healthy eating, using the changing approach to diets and food plans as a lens. 

Diets and formal food plans have long been central to both consumers’ dietary improvement strategies and the food & beverage industry’s product development and marketing strategies. Intriguingly, despite moving away from restrictive approaches to healthy eating, consumers remain as engaged as ever with formal food plans and eating regimes, from keto to veganism. 

This report dives into this seeming conflict, focusing on:

  • How does the shifting approach to “dieting” explain broader shifts in how consumers are approaching healthy eating?  
  • What does the decline in interest in restriction mean for formal food plans, which are the basis of so many certifications and product claims? 
  • How can the food & beverage industry adapt?


  1. Background, Methodology, Executive Summary, Key Takeaways
  2. Understanding Consumers’ Changing Approaches to Nutrition: Explore how nutrition engagement has changed over time, both in size and in how consumers approach it. 
  3. Changing Approaches to Diets and Food Plans: Learn about the difference between a diet and an eating style for today’s nutrition consumer, and why consumers who follow a “diet” aren’t necessarily struggling with their health.
  4. Eating Styles: Compare and Contrast: Explore common eating styles, with profiles of nine common styles, including sizing, demographics, motivations, and other insights.
  5. What’s New in Q1: Explore trended data highlights covering health engagement, priorities, performance, motivations, and nutrition and fitness behaviors for Q1 2023.

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