Online Fitness Today: Exploring the Online Fitness Landscape

State of Our Health Q4 2023


We have been tracking the online fitness landscape since 2020, including engagement with key brands, but this is the first time we’ve included it in the main State of Our Health tracking study and made it available to all subscribers! 

The pandemic accelerated consumer adoption of online and digital fitness options, which include everything from workout apps and smart equipment to Zoom workouts from your local gym, free YouTube videos, and social media. 

As consumers move past pandemic habits and into a fitness environment that now has more options than ever, we wanted to understand what the online fitness landscape looks like now.

  • Who are the main users of online fitness, specifically dedicated fitness apps and platforms?
  • What role does online fitness play in users’ workout habits?
  • Why does online fitness stick with some users better than others and can it bridge the gap?
  • As the market matures, which brands are emerging as leaders, and how much cross-usage is there?


  1. Background, Methodology, Executive Summary, Key Takeaways
  2. Online fitness engagement & users: What is the current size of the online fitness market and how does it compare to gym memberships? Which brands lead in awareness vs usage? How do current users compare with lapsed users?
  3. Exploring the role of online fitness: What needs motivate online fitness users, and how well does online fitness actually solve them? How does online fitness fit into their overall routines, which also include gyms and outdoor workouts. Why do lapsed users leave the category?
  4. Online fitness brand engagement and profiles: Explore who uses key online fitness brands. Compare and contrast brand strengths, weaknesses, and user groups. Understand cross-usage across brands.
  5. What’s New in Q4: Explore trended data highlights covering health engagement, priorities, performance, motivations, and nutrition and fitness behaviors for Q4 2023. 

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