State of Our Health Q4 2021: Health & Wellness at Midlife: Healthy Eating and Exercise During the Pivotal Ages of 35-54


Today’s midlife consumers are different from 10 years ago. Half Millennials and half Gen X, midlife adults today bring the distinctive approaches to eating and exercise that Gen X pioneered and Millennials made mainstream. At the same time, midlife is a pivotal time in health and wellness regardless of generation. Needs and motivations around food and fitness are in transition as midlife adults balance youthful attitudes and activities with the physical realities of age.

Midlife is also offers an opportunity for health-focused brands. With higher incomes and more stable employment compared to older or younger adults, and older children than those aged 18-34, midlife adults have more resources to invest in nutrition and fitness right when it is becoming a more urgent concern. And invest they do, with higher spending and purchasing across many nutrition and fitness categories.

Join us as we explore who midlife consumers are today, what drives them, and what they want from nutrition and fitness.


1. Background, Methodology, Executive Summary, Key Takeaways

2. Midlife: A Time of Transition and Opportunity – Explore midlife consumers’ health engagement, overall priorities, and wellness barriers in comparison to older and younger consumers. Food and beverage purchasing, fitness investment, and changes in health engagement over the pandemic highlight this group as an opportunity.

3. Fitness at Midlife: Young at Heart but Older in Body – Understand how midlife consumers approach fitness, including the benefits they seek, sources of influence, what they want in a workout, and their top activities. Understand the opportunity for in-person and online fitness as well as fitness tech among this active group.

4. Nutrition at Midlife: Balancing Nutrition, Family, and Flavor – Learn how midlife consumers balance their needs when it comes to healthy eating. Highly engaged across the food landscape, often feeding a family, and experienced cooks themselves, midlife consumers bring a lot of needs to the table, and expect a lot from their food.

5. What’s New in Q4: Explore trended data highlights covering health engagement, priorities, performance, motivations, and nutrition and fitness behaviors for Q4 2021.

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