State of Our Health Q4 2020: Gen Z On the Rise – Exploring Fitness, Food & Mindfulness Among Teens & Young Adults


For Q4, we look at health and wellness among emerging consumers, exploring fitness, nutrition, and wellness among teens and young adults – otherwise known as Gen Z. Besides being highly connected and tech savvy, Gen Z also has had far more education about health, nutrition, and fitness than previous generations, including Millennials. At the same time, their youth means they’re more able to take their health for granted, so understanding what Gen Z knows and how they act on it is critical for speaking to them in their language.

We’ll uncover the attitudes and aspirations, realities and challenges, and the patterns and habits of this fast-moving and fast-growing group of consumers. The report also explores how Gen Z fared during the pandemic, digging into changes in exercise habits, eating, and mental health over the course of a difficult year.


1. Background, Methodology, and Executive Summary

2. Health & Wellness for Gen Z: Meanings, motivations,and priorities around food, fitness, and mindfulness among teens and young adults relative to older consumers

3. Gen Z’s Health Habits: Fitness, food, and mindfulness attitudes and actions among teens and young adults

4. COVID’S Effects on Gen Z: A look at how Gen Z fared over the course of 2020

5. What’s New in Q4: Trended data for consumer health and fitness engagement, priorities, performance, motivations, and nutrition and fitness behaviors

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