State of Our Health Q3 2021: Health, Wellness, & Gender: Exploring Gender Differences in Food and Fitness


Men and women have different needs and aspirations regarding health and wellness, and these differences shape their approaches to nutrition and fitness. But how different are they really? Where do they overlap? And what do these differences and similarities mean for brands in the nutrition and fitness space?

This quarter we dig into gender differences, looking at how even small differences in approaches and motivations turn into larger patterns that set the tone for men’s and women’s various approaches to diet and fitness. With both familiar and mythbusting insights, this report illuminates opportunities to address gaps in communication from food and fitness brands to both men and women.

Topics include:

  • The intersection of fitness and nutrition engagement for men vs women, and how seemingly small differences in engagement create patterns that repeat and amplify across fitness and nutrition.
  • How personal priorities, self-assessments, and childhood shape men’s and women’s different approaches to wellness.
  • Similarities and differences in attitudes and needs, and how these shape men’s and women’s nutrition and fitness activities, spending, and barriers.


1. Background, Methodology, Executive Summary, Key Takeaways

2. How Men & Women Approach Health – Explore patterns of engagement in fitness and nutrition, what priorities drive them, and how they result in different approaches to wellness.

3. Fun vs Competition: Gendered Approaches to Fitness – Understand how small differences in engagement and attitudes between men and women result in much larger differences in motivations, activities, and spending.

4. Structure vs Restriction: Men’s and Women’s Approaches to Nutrition – Learn how men and women approach nutrition, including what they hope to gain from eating well, and differences in how they act on their aspirations.

5. What’s New in Q3: Explore trended data highlights covering health engagement, priorities, performance, motivations, and nutrition and fitness behaviors for Q3 2021.

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