State of Our Health Q2 2021: Mind, Body, Breath: Exploring Modern Mindfulness and its Role in Health & Wellness


More Americans than ever are incorporating mindfulness practices into their lives, from breathing exercises to meditation to app-based exercises. Already an active trend space, mindfulness saw accelerated growth during the pandemic as Americans sought new ways to cope with the challenges of the past year.

Consumers engaged in mindfulness tend to be trend-forward and more engaged with health than others, making them a critical group to understand. In this report, we explore who these consumers are and what modern mindfulness looks like, including the benefits practitioners are seeking and the language they use to describe their practices and goals.

Topics include:

  • Sizing and profiling the mindfulness market, including where and how much it overlaps with fitness and nutrition engagement
  • Who mindfulness consumers are, their practices and routines, and the benefits they associate with mindfulness
  • The various pathways that bring consumers to mindfulness, including triggers, activities, and goals
  • The relationship between mindfulness, fitness, and nutrition


1. Background, Methodology, Executive Summary, Key Takeaways

2. The Language and Benefits of Mindfulness: Sizing the overall mindfulness market, as well as the benefit universes within it.

3. What Modern Mindfulness Looks Like: Profiling mindfulness consumers, including demographics, practices, source of information, and how this population has changed since the pandemic.

4. The Mindfulness Connection – How Mindfulness, Fitness, and Nutrition intersect: Exploring how mindfulness impacts fitness and nutrition, including motivations, spending, attitudes, and fitness- and nutrition-related behaviors.

5. Mindfulness Goes Mainstream: Understand how consumers coped with the mental health challenges of the pandemic and which mindfulness trends are here to stay

6. What’s New in Q2: Trended data highlights for consumer health and fitness engagement, priorities, performance, motivations, and nutrition and fitness behaviors for Q2 2021.

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