State of Our Health Q2 2020 Report: The Weekly Workout


In Q2 we dive into fitness rhythms and patterns across the week and year, and how they relate to different fitness personalities and preferences. SOOH’s continuously tracking methodology provides a deep and detailed look at fitness seasonality and weekly patterns, from the high level of general fitness engagement all the way down to what days and months athletes are most likely to take part in specific types of activities. Qualitative data enriches this picture with consumer voices around why and how their engagement shifts through the week and year, and how they plan for fitness through the seasons. Understanding how consumers make fitness happen in their everyday lives helps unlock unmet needs and opportunities. Let The Weekly Workout be your guide.

This report continues to include detailed information about how COVID is affecting consumers’ health and wellness, as well as updates to key data sets beyond fitness, including nutrition attitudes and behaviors, supplement usage, food plans, and consumers priorities and self-assessed performances.

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