State of Our Health Q1 2021: COVID One Year On – How Americans Adapted and How They Want to Move Forward


Consumers have now been living with pandemic restrictions for a full year, but the end is finally in sight. This report explores how the pandemic has affected Americans’ attitudes and approaches to fitness, food, and mindfulness, including:

  • How did they adapt their exercise, eating, and mental health habits because of pandemic restrictions, new priorities, or simply to cope with challenges of the year?
  • What adaptations do Americans like and want to keep doing?
  • What adaptations do they want to leave behind?
  • For companies with a stake in fitness, food, or mindfulness, what gaps and opportunities exist in the space between consumer desire and reality in this time of change?

The report includes key takeaways and recommendations for companies with a stake in fitness, food, or mindfulness, focused on what trends will endure, what trends will fall by the wayside, and what trends consumers want to keep… but might not be able to.


1. Background, Methodology, Executive Summary, Key Takeaways

2. The Pandemic Was Not a Pause: A high level assessment of how the pandemic affected consumers’ eating, exercise, and mental health, with breakdowns for key demographics

3. Fitness Shifts Homeward: A look at how consumers adapted where, how, and when they workout amid gym closures and remote work, what they enjoy now, and what they miss

4. Eating at Home – All the Time: Explore how consumers adapted in the face of restaurant restrictions, more eating at home, and the stress of grocery shopping

5. Mindfulness Goes Mainstream: Understand how consumers coped with the mental health challenges of the pandemic and which mindfulness trends are here to stay

6. What’s New in Q1: Trended data highlights for consumer health and fitness engagement, priorities, performance, motivations, and nutrition and fitness behaviors for Q1 2021

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