State of Our Health – Online Fitness Deep Dive


Online fitness options have seen an explosion of interest as the COVID-19 pandemic shut down gyms nationwide. This report will provide an in-depth look at this new world from the consumer perspective. A combination of methodologies will paint a full picture of this landscape, including a robust quantitative sample of online fitness users and non-users, ethnographic qualitative data from online fitness consumers, and the rich historical data from our continuously tracking State of Our Health syndicated study.

We will take a deep dive into consumer engagement with fitness resources (online and in-person) currently and pre-COVID, along with usage and preferences of specific types of platforms and key brands. Profiles of key types of online fitness consumers and app users add real voices to this landscape, along with explorations of consumer motivations for using online fitness option, their likes and dislikes, unmet needs and barriers, and what drives trial and repeat usage.

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