State of Our Health 2024 Annual Trends Report

Macro Trends Shaping Today’s Health & Wellness Landscape

State of Our Health Overview


Consumers have finally had a year of uninterrupted normal life, and the trends shaping this coming year reflect that stability – a welcome change from the dynamism and challenge of the previous several years. At the same time, there is a sea-change underway in how consumers approach food, fitness, and wellness generally that highlights why it’s so important to have up-to-date data. 

This magazine-style report explores ten macro trends emerging from the State of Our Health data and what they mean for the coming year for brands in fitness, food and beverage, and the broader wellness marketplace. the fitness, food and beverage, and wellness sectors. Don’t get left behind – request your copy today!

  1. The total health and wellness marketplace shows new growth
  2. Mindfulness continues to rise, impacting both food and fitness
  3. Supplement usage drives growth in the nutrition market
  4. More are exercising regularly
  5. Slower, slower, stronger is the new approach to fitness
  6. Women want weight training
  7. Boomers flock to fitness in retirement
  8. Mindful eating is on the rise, valuing quality over quantity
  9. Consumers react to the pinch of higher grocery prices
  10. Gen Z enters the supplement market

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