State of Our Health 2023 Annual Trends Report

The Trends That Will Shape the Coming Year


In 2022 the dust has finally started to settle for the health and wellness market following the pandemic. As consumer habits have begun to stabilize, long-term shifts are becoming increasingly clear, including where and how we work out, how we approach healthy eating, and even a new mindset around health overall. 

This magazine-style report explores ten macro trends from 2022 and what they mean for the coming year, with large implications for brands in the fitness, food and beverage, and wellness sectors. Americans are moving past the pandemic – don’t get left behind!

  1. Daily routines are back to normal…for most
  2. Americans’ health habits stabilize
  3. Americans feel better about their mental and physical health
  4. Losing weight is losing force as a health motivation
  5. Fitness is fun again
  6. The fitness gender gap widens for Millennials
  7. The changing landscape of fitness alters the gym value equation 
  8. Nutrition engagement moves away from restriction
  9. Immunity is here to stay as a key functional benefit
  10. Younger consumers come into their own as grocery shoppers

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