State of Our Health 2020 Annual Trends Report: Looking Forward, Looking Back


The COVID pandemic reshaped many of our lives over the past year, sometimes for the worse, but sometimes for the better. Join us in this white paper style report as we review the top trends in health engagement, fitness, food, and mindfulness that defined 2020, and what they mean for the future.

Americans initially responded to the pandemic with a renewed focus on all aspects of health and wellness, but this enthusiasm didn’t carry through the rest of the year, or at least it didn’t for everyone. Men and women reacted differently to the pandemic’s challenges. Some generations ended the year worse off than they started, while others grew more engaged with their health as the pandemic wore on. Consumers looked for fitness inspiration and direction in new places, and new needs emerged related to food sourcing and function.

With vaccines shining a light at the end of this long tunnel, we take stock of what’s happened, and offer some guidance on what the future may hold.

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