Chronicling fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness in America

Murphy Research

How do we define health and wellness and how important are they in our daily lives?

How do attitudes towards fitness and nutrition affect purchasing behavior, technology adoption, and personal happiness?

Murphy Research has undertaken this research to uncover the underlying "truths" that propel people's attitudes and behavior around health and wellness. We are separating the fads from the lasting trends to zero in on the most important factors influencing American's participation in health and wellness.

With an unparalleled breadth encompassing multiple aspects of fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and overall wellness, this ongoing study aims to help companies identify opportunities for innovation and increased consumer engagement.


Gain a foundational knowledge of health and wellness attitudes, behaviors and trends

Understand consumer perceptions of fitness, along with workout approaches and habits

Gain insights into consumer interest in nutrition, along with diet and food-buying patterns

Discover how consumer incorporate mindfulness into their daily routines


  • • 45-minute online survey
  • • 1,000 respondents per month
  • • Teens and adults, age 13 and older
  • • Demographics
    • Age/generation
    • Gender
    • Marital status and household composition
    • Education
    • Employment status
    • Household income
    • Neighborhood type
    • Race/ethnicity
    • Recent life events


Annual subscription includes:

  • Monthly tracking
  • Quarterly reporting
  • Qualitative insights

Gain access to comprehensive reports with regular updates for each topic area, including easy-to-read graphs and tables, and a summary of key findings, implications and recommendations. Cross-category analysis and insights also included with subscription.

Reports also available for purchase individually. We can also provide custom data cuts and fielding exclusive questions tailored to your needs!