Fitness by the Numbers: Sports and Fitness Activity Deep Dive

State of Our Health Q2 2023


Fitness engagement can take many forms, from light, general activity to vigorous, heart-pounding workouts. In this, one of our most popular reports, we leverage our extensive activity-specific data to build profiles of specific types of activity, from running to soccer to HIIT and beyond. 

To set the scene, we begin with an exploration of six high-level fitness modalities that differentiate various consumer approaches to fitness – exercise outdoors, at home, gym/studio, online, organized sports, and group fitness. These modalities are useful differentiators for understanding the fitness landscape and how consumers approach exercise generally.

We then dive into specific activities that over-index for each approach, profiling athletes across eleven activities. Understanding athletes at the activity level illuminates the specific motivations and challenges they bring to each activity so that brands can develop products and positioning that truly resonate.  

Profiled activities include walking, cycling, running, weight training, swimming, basketball, soccer, yoga, dance, HIIT, and spin. Profiles of many other activities are also available for a small upcharge. 


  1. Background, Methodology, Executive Summary, Key Takeaways
  2. Fitness through the Year: Continuous tracking illuminates the seasonal patterns that affect participation in fitness generally, as well as different types of activities and exercisers. 
  3. Fitness modalities: Where and how consumers exercise at a high level is closely related to their overall fitness approach, motivations, and spending attitudes. Understanding fitness modalities helps you understand your consumers better.
  4. Sports and fitness activity profiles: Explore differences and similarities across many  popular fitness activities, representing key activities across fitness modalities. Profiles include: sizing and demographics; activity enjoyment, goals, spending, session length and intensity levels; participation across the week and over the seasons; as well as overall fitness approach, key wellness and nutrition activities, and more.
  5. What’s New in Q2: Explore trended data highlights covering health engagement, priorities, performance, motivations, and nutrition and fitness behaviors for Q2 2023.  

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