State of Our Health is the largest syndicated health and wellness tracker in the world.

Get your data back into shape with the largest, most comprehensive information source on food, fitness, and mindfulness.

Murphy Research created the State of Our Health (SOOH) syndicated research program to fill a gap it saw in the health and wellness research landscape.

There was plenty of data out there on how Americans approach either healthy eating or physical fitness, but there was no way to understand the overlap across these two key pillars of health, let alone how mindfulness and mental health factor in.

We developed State of Our Health to provide a holistic picture of Americans’ attitudes and behaviors across these three areas – food, fitness, and mindfulness – including how they change across seasons and over time.

Today, SOOH is the largest syndicated health and wellness tracker. We have been continuously collecting detailed data on consumer attitudes and behaviors around food, fitness, and mindfulness since 2018. Our approach provides the most in-depth, comprehensive, and realistic look at how consumers understand and approach wellness. We offer annual subscriptions with a wealth of subscriber benefits, as well as topical and trends reports available for purchase. Today’s consumers approach health holistically – your data should too.

What SOOH Can Do For You

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Big Brand?

We offer a true research partnership – a one-stop data solution for both syndicated and custom research needs.

Stay ahead of the competition by tracking trends and target groups in real time.

Get your research questions answered in days, or even hours – rather than weeks, saving you money and time.

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Small Brand?

Data is expensive, but in the fast moving health and wellness landscape, it’s never been more important to understand what’s trending in your market. Our holistic dataset offers you a cost-efficient one-stop data shop that functions as an alternative to expensive custom research. SOOH allows you to look at the whole market and zero in on your target customer, while keeping you ahead of the trends.

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We offer an objective look at consumer-focused trends and can provide high-quality data related to fitness, food, and mindfulness attitudes and activities. We can profile even very small groups for trend pieces. We are constantly producing new research, and we offer a point of view informed by a deep familiarity with Americans’ health and wellness habits.

How We Do It

We survey 1,000 unique U.S. teens and adults each month, for a total of 12,000 a year, and we’ve been doing it since 2018. This approach provides not only great breadth and great depth, but also unprecedented trending capabilities, allowing us to understand trends vs. seasonal patterns and how large-scale events affect Americans’ habits. Our sample is nationally representative to key U.S. Census targets and includes ages 13 and up, with a robust sample of both teens and older consumers, along with everyone in between.

Each quarter, we also supplement this robust quantitative program with topical qualitative research, providing the rich and nuanced insight that real consumer voices add, bringing the data to life.

Survey Breadth

teens and adults monthly

Annual Total

amongst US teens and adult

Survey Timeline

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Subscriber Benefits

Insights on Demand

Subscribers gain access to the SOOH portal, allowing you to get insights at the speed your business moves. Explore nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness trends in our proprietary data portal. Save your most important dashboards and subgroups to make reporting fast and easy.

Incredible Depth

SOOH offers incredible depth of insights related to nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness, and is continuously adding new data. The series allows you to delve deeply into subgroups, explore relationships between nutrition and fitness attitudes and behaviors, and keep up to date on key trends for your brand.

Best-in-Class Reporting

Our world-class analysts walk you through the data with quarterly and annual reports. A mix of special reports, webinars, and other subscriber benefits keep you abreast of the key trends in these fast changing categories.

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