Enduring Insights, Creative Design, and Rigorous Execution

At Murphy Research, we’ve harnessed the power of our three company pillars – Enduring Insights, Creative Design, and Rigorous Execution – to redefine the boundaries of market research. Our services cut across the fabric of the business landscape, innovating solutions for market assessment, brand strategy, product development, customer loyalty, engagement, and communication.

Market Assessment:
Navigating the Competitive Landscape

What are the dynamics of the landscape in which I need to compete?

Unravel the intricacies of your competitive landscape with our comprehensive market assessment services. Utilizing sophisticated tools like Shop-Along (both in-store and virtual), digital or traditional ethnography, and our proprietary product Laws of Attraction, we provide incisive Awareness, Attitudes, and Usage (AA&U) studies and segmentation solutions.


  • Market sizing/Total Addressable Market
  • Market Landscape/Awareness, Attitudes and Usage (AA&U)
  • Segmentation (People, Occasions, Jobs to be done, etc)
  • Path to Purchase
  • Bridges and Barriers
  • Point of Market Entry


  • Shop-Along (in-store or virtual)
  • Ethnography (digital or traditional)
  • Online quantitative and qualitative
  • Central Location Qualitative
  • Laws of Attraction (proprietary product)
  • Social Media Listening

Elevating Success through
Enduring Insights, Creative Design, and Rigorous Execution


We believe that great research speaks to every member of an organization and leads to strategic insights. For that reason, we infuse our presentations with analyses and interpretation that will answer the "So what?" and "What now?" questions that inevitably arise during the research process.


The study design is the foundation for any successful project. We strive to understand not only your business but also the underling business reason driving your investment in research


A successful project results from a practiced understanding of research methodologies, advanced analytics, and flawless quality control. By applying rigorous and creative executions of traditional and cutting-edge methodologies, a successful project also becomes actionable.

Development & Pricing:
Customer-Centric Solutions

What do my customers need and how much are they willing to pay for it?

Bridging the gap between customer needs and pricing strategies, our development and pricing services ensure you’re optimally positioned for success. Our product optimization, package testing, and price analysis, underscored by the Van Westendorp Model, Econometrics, Discrete Choice Model, and Conjoint Analysis, are designed to maximize your return on investment.

Product Optimization

  • Price Analysis
  • Package Testing

Build It

  • Rapid Iterative Design
  • Van Westendorp Model
  • Econometrics
  • Discrete Choice Model
  • MaxDiff Scaling
  • Conjoint Analysis

Test It

  • At-Shelf Findability Studies
  • User Experience Testing (central location, remote, online, playtesting)
  • In Home Usage Test (IHUT)
  • Monadic Evaluation

Brand Strategy:
Powering Brand Performance

How does my brand perform and where are there opportunities?

Revolutionize your brand strategy with our Brand Equity Tracking, White Space Identification, and Activation Sessions. Leveraging key insights from in-person workshops, brand drivers, and key dimension mapping, we aim to elevate your brand to new heights.


  • Brand Equity Tracking
  • Point of Market Entry (POME)
  • Line Extension/Optimization
  • Innovation Sessions
  • White Space Identification
  • Activation Sessions


  • Discrete Choice Model
  • In-person workshops/work sessions
  • Brand drivers
  • Key Dimension Mapping

Creating Conversations

How do I talk to my customers?

Our communication services focus on enhancing your customer interactions. With tools like our proprietary Media Mapping and HATCH, we ensure your message resonates with your audience for lasting impact.


  • Copy Testing
  • Media Mapping (Proprietary Product)


  • Effectiveness Tracking
  • Media Behavior
  • HATCH (proprietary product)

Loyalty & Engagement:
Building Strong Customer Relationships

How do I keep my current customers engaged?

Foster customer loyalty and enhance engagement with our specialized services, encompassing loyalty tracking, engagement modeling, and loyalty program development. Through CRM and tracking programs, SWOT analysis, and online reporting solutions, we enable you to maintain strong, enduring relationships with your customers.


  • Loyalty Tracking
  • Engagement Modeling
  • Loyalty Program Development/Optimization


  • CRM and Tracking Programs
  • Driver Analysis
  • Online Reporting Solutions/Dashboards
  • SWOT Analysis

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