Research Career Advice with Olga Sajkowski

In This Episode:

In this episode we talk to Olga Sajkowski, who is part of Research & Insights / Global Esports at Riot Games. We learn about her career path from vendor side to client side, and the pros and cons that come with both.

Key Takeaways:

  • What it’s like working at a major brand company
  • The pros/cons of doing research vendor side
  • The pros/cons of doing research client side
  • The future of qualitative research


  • “I think one of the nice things that has come out of the pandemic is qualitative research. It’s gotten a lot easier because we have this kind of new trust in some fo the more online methodologies.” – Maggie Bright
  • “I think the most important things is just mastery of the content overall, even beyond the deck that you’re presenting. So then you can be flexible as you move through whatever the content is, whether it be a more formal public speaking, or a presentation to a group of clients.” – Olga Sajkowski
  • “With eSports we could have had a debate. Is it even fair to call it a sport? And now we’re seeing this whole revolution on how products are positioned and designed around the industry.” – Maggie Bright