Murphy Research Launches New Creative Agency

Trajectory is Ready for Liftoff!

Trajectory was born out of our passion for design and storytelling by leveraging Murphy Research’s mastery of insights and analytics to elevate brands we love. We believe that creatives and analysts should navigate your brand’s flight path together because seamless integration of data and design drives a deep partnership. In fact, we were formed from this core belief: Groundbreaking research and timeless storytelling lie at the center of our merging galaxies.

We’re focused on removing the frustration that brands have when transitioning from insights to strategy to creative. No more data slipping through the cracks because we’ve been on the journey with you from the beginning. Data is valued here as fuel to chart our creative course.

Trajectory is mission control for brand innovation, setting a path where consumer intuition is articulated through the language of creative design to advance world class brands while forging loyal consumer relationships. We employ insights to identify your ideal audience and design the most effective campaign to capture and retain them. We also know that you can’t change what you can’t measure, so we integrate real time feedback and analytics to optimize each campaign.

This is why we’re here. Let’s elevate your brand’s identity and set your trajectory to new heights!

Patrick Sayre serves as Chief Creative Officer for Trajectory. He’s an integrated Creative, well-versed and experienced in 360 strategy and ideation, leading the execution of visual art and design. Over the years Sayre has influenced creative for several high-profile companies, including Mattel, where he was responsible for the design and art direction of worldwide broadcast commercial campaigns for properties like Hot Wheels and Barbie. Prior to Trajectory, Sayre worked for a number of agencies, concepting, designing and overseeing the performance of projects for clients that include, HBO, Netflix, and Google.

"The insights that market research provides to a creative endeavor is paramount in the elevation of brands across all categories. It’s this reasoning that brought about Trajectory and we are thrilled at the possibilities this new venture will bring for our clients, as well as our growth."