Meet The Shoppers

Every savvy marketer knows that all shoppers are not created equal. It can be easy to get caught up in the latest buzz or stuck in age-old assumptions – e.g. shoppers demand personalization; consumers always love promotions; if it's organic, it will sell! – but marketers quickly learn if they spread their brand and their resources too thin, their message will get lost and they'll lose customers along the way.

It's time for marketers to get back to the basics and know your shoppers. And I mean KNOW them – don't just do a quick segmentation to put them into a box based on demographic profiles. Really understand what's driving their purchase decisions and dig into their wants, needs, hopes and anxieties – even those not related to a specific product category. Using a little empathy lets you move beyond basic segmentation and help your brand build trust with shoppers, increase loyalty, and maximize lifetime customer value.

Meet the Shoppers

Murphy Research's latest syndicated study on Shopper Behavior Trends digs into people's feelings, attitudes and purchase behaviors to identify five new shopper archetypes that marketers can use to better engage and communicate with their current and future customers. Let's meet the shoppers!

Thrill of the Deal: Self-described bargain hunters, they enjoy the adventure of finding great products at affordable prices. They take their time sifting through online reviews and recommendations from family and friends before making a final purchase decision. For this reason, brand and manufacturing prices take a backseat to price and quality in their purchase decisions.

Brand Loyalists: Empty-nesters that tend to stick to the retailers and brands they know. For them, brand names are directly connected to the quality and integrity of a product. Because they make planned and deliberate purchases, they are least influenced by outside sources of information.

All Naturals: Actively seek out organic, all natural, and sustainable products and brands. They prefer customized shopping experiences, as well as shopping for unique items, and are willing to pay more for premium products.

Convenience Is Key: Have a lot going on in their daily lives and appreciate modern conveniences that make shopping easy and stress-free. Their shopping habits are often haphazard and the process can make them feel anxious. For this reason, they're happy to outsource shopping to personal shoppers or delivery services.

Penny Pinchers: Cautious spenders who rarely waver from their shopping list and strict budget. They are willing to sacrifice brand names and convenience to get the best price. With value being of the utmost importance, they like to be as informed as possible prior to making purchase decisions.

Visit the Shopper Trends Report page to see how you can dig deeper into these archetypes and discover ways they can apply to your category!