Is The Dad Bod Real?

Millennials are currently the largest adult generation in the United States with millennial dads representing 5% of the current US population and growing. Dads are increasingly responsible for household purchasing decisions and spending. A deep dive into our syndicated health and fitness study (SOOH) reveals a unique cohort that is highly involved in fitness and nutrition and is engaged in the choices they make within these categories.

Our millenial dads webinar profiles millennial dads’ health behaviors and beliefs and reveals how that information interacts with their purchasing and spending patterns and preferences. We compare millennial dads to other cohorts (millennial moms, millennials without kids, and non-millennial parents) using qualitative and quantitative data culled from Murphy Research’s State of Our Health (SOOH) syndicated research study.

Millennial dads are engaged, regimented and looking for social connection when it comes to fitness and nutrition. This webinar further explores these behaviors to articulate what drives millennial dads.

  • Millennial dads rate their performance across life priorities higher than other cohorts (no dad-bod here!)
  • He seeks input from a variety of influencers for general fitness and nutrition information and when shopping
  • Unlike other cohorts, price isn’t a barrier for him to achieve his fitness and nutrition goals. He is outspending others across multiple categories
  • He feels like he is always dieting and is the most likely cohort to be following a formal diet plan
  • He reads labels and prioritizes organic foods

You can find all the information and more in our webinar on millennial dads here.