How Does Gender Shape Spending Trends Within Health And Wellness?

The State of our Health syndicated study consistently highlights differences between how men and women make spending decisions related to health, fitness, and even mindfulness. While gender differences are well established across a myriad of categories, we found unique drivers when looking at spend behaviors through the lens of health and wellness.

In fact, women spend less than men overall and the way they prioritize their spend is driven by different needs. We couldn’t fit all of the data into a blog post, but we wanted to highlight some of the interesting findings, so we created a new microsite to illustrate parts of this story. Please take a look at the site here.

More Information About State of Our Health

The State of Our Health (SOOH) syndicated series is the largest U.S.-based health and wellness tracker, offering an in-depth look at this dynamic, ever-changing landscape among consumers aged 13 and up. Continuous data collection of 1,000 completes per month provides insight into consumer habits through the week, month, and year.

In addition to holistic data around lifestyle, goals, motivations, and activities, deep dives on fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness illuminate consumers’ attitudes, aspirations, and realities around these key wellness priorities.

Subscription to the State of Our Health syndicated series unlocks this large, robust data set, with far lower costs and investment than mounting a custom project. Explore cross-category analyses, market sizing, subgroup analysis (e.g. yoga enthusiasts, wearables users, flexitarians), seasonal trends, and more.