Now Available! Gen Z on the Rise: Exploring Fitness, Food, and Mindfulness among Teens and Young Adults

Our Q4 2020 report from the State of Our Health Syndicated Series is now available! Gen Z on the Rise explores what today’s teens and young
adults know and what they do when it comes to food, fitness, and mental health. Besides being highly connected and tech savvy, Gen Z also has had far more education about health, nutrition, and fitness than previous generations,
including Millennials. At the same time, their youth means they’re more able to take their health for granted, so understanding what Gen Z know, how they act on it, and when is critical for speaking to them in their language.

The past year was a tough one, especially for young adults, whose social, school, and career opportunities were dramatically limited right when they should be opening up. Gen Z on the Rise also explores how Gen Z reacted to
this tumultuous pandemic year.

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