First Year Reflections of Market Researchers

In This Episode:

Chuck sits down with two first year marketing researchers and discusses what their first year in the field was like. We discover the things they found easy, stuff that was difficult to adjust to, and advice they have for anyone ready to jump into the world of market research.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to transition successfully from a student to a professional market researcher
  • Advice for newcomers beginning their careers in market research
  • What aspects of the job were surprising, or expected in that first year
  • How to shift your workflow to a fully remote team
  • The preferred communication tools of the team


  • “The difficult part about Market Research comes from addressing clients and making sure that you’re meeting the client’s needs. I don’t know if anyone could ever say that they are well adjusted to a client, because there’s so many different types of clients, and every project is so different. So it’s always a learning curve, no matter where you are really.” – Javier Vesga
  • “Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and don’t be afraid not to know things. Because every single project is different and unique. So you’re not going to know everything, even if you’ve done a project that’s similar, you’re always going to need to ask questions and ask for help.” – Jenna Rosen
  • “Some of these brands are such big ships, it’s kind of wild that a small group of market researchers can kind of move them a little bit. It’s fascinating.” – Chuck Murphy