Retail Segmentation & Custom Panel Development


Major office supplies retailer


Our client was seeking to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and their needs in order to inform their brand strategy. They also needed an efficient and cost effective means to conduct ongoing research with their customers, for a range of new product development and marketing initiatives.


We developed a proprietary custom panel of the retailer’s customers to help them with their ongoing research needs. During the panel recruitment phase, the respondents answered a range of questions about their shopping behaviors and retail attitudes. This information was used to create a segmentation of the client’s customers, as well as to provide in-depth profiling of the panel for future studies.


The segmentation provided a new view of the client’s customer base, which introduced viable new target
customers and lead to a major shift in the client’s brand strategy. The panel also provided a valuable means to conduct ongoing research with the client’s customers and build even further knowledge of the segments.

Become a Future Success Story!

Become a Future Success Story!