IT Decision Makers


Leading Wireless Technology Company


Our client was developing a series of new advertising campaigns and web-based marketing tools for IT Decision-Makers (ITDMs), and needed to understand the technology needs of this audience.


We first conducted a qualitative phase consisting of a series of focus groups and in-depth interviews with
ITDMs from small, medium and enterprise businesses in the 6 major tech markets across the US. The qual phase was then followed by a quantitative segmentation, based on ITDM needs, attitudes and levels of technological sophistication.


The analysis produced a range of segments that each differed by the ways that the ITDMs used and viewed technology in their business lives. The analysis also showed distinct differences in the information preferences of different segments of ITDMs, which provided clear strategic guidance for the development of the client’s campaign and web strategy.

Become a Future Success Story!

Become a Future Success Story!