Athletic Retailer Shopper


Leading Athletic Fashion Retailer


Our client is one of the leading athletic fashion retailers. They have experienced tremendous growth in the past few years, but wanted to step back and make some strategic decisions about the future of the company and where the focus should be placed. The CEO asked for a foundational A&U and segmentation to help guide the short and long-term strategy.


Murphy Research developed a qualitative and quantitative research program designed to help the retailer really understand their customer. In-depth ethnographies, sweatalongs, shop-alongs, and other qualitative tools were utilized both before and after the quantitative research to bring the customer segments to life. Once the comprehensive analytic work was complete, a thorough communications program was developed in collaboration with the client to educate the entire organization about the target segments. This included workshops, movies, posters, and other communication aids.


Senior management loved the segmentation and organized the strategy development around the key target segments.

Become a Future Success Story!

Become a Future Success Story!