5 Student Tips on How to Impress Us at a Career Fair

Recently we discussed tips for connecting with great employers at a career fair (I'll link this to the other article). This week, we thought we would share a few secrets to help future candidates stand out from the crowd.

Looking to meet Murphy Research at a Career Fair?

Here are a few tips to impress us:

Tip 1: Treat us like normal people & just be yourself

Demonstrate strong communication skills and empathy. Offer us the opportunity to take a sip of water, we've been talking a lot.

We also value authenticity and see professionalism in our colleagues by those who demonstrate they can carry a conversation with us and talk about what we do.

Tip 2: Speak loudly! It gets pretty noisy at these fairs.

There are a lot of people here. Make sure we can hear you and don't have to strain.

Tip 3: Don't be afraid. Smile, and be confident.

Just walk up and introduce yourself, even if you have nothing specific to say first. Don't forget to smile. Smiling give an impression that you're friendly, and it makes you feel confident and more comfortable.

Tip 4: Ask us questions! Let us know you're eager to learn more about us.

Don't be afraid to simply ask, "What is Market Research?" Ask us questions about our business, team, or work environment. We're happy to share!

Tip 5: Share any related experience, especially research!

Tell us a story or share experience from your coursework or internships that relates to what we do (ie, research!) But, please be mindful too – there's often a line behind you.

Look for us at your next career fair, and learn more by checking out our opportunities here!