5 Creative Ways to Communicate a Segmentation

In This Episode:

Market researchers can use segmentations to find out more about a company’s customers to focus on specific business-related concerns. In this episode, we discuss creative communication strategies for successful segmentations. Stay tuned for insights!

Key Takeaways:

  • Challenges when starting a segmentation
  • Creative ways to communicate a segmentation
  • Importance of stakeholder inclusion in the beginning of the process


“Talking to stakeholders before you even finalize a questionnaire can often help you identify any big issues or needs that you’re seeing within the marketplace that you want to explore more. A lot of times without biasing the final output, you’ll get some really interesting thoughts around how the different stakeholders have different frameworks for the same marketplace. So some of them could be thinking about it more in terms of specific usage occasions, some of them could be thinking about it in terms of life stage pieces. So understanding kind of where their frame of references is a really valuable tool in helping to understand how to best communicate it at the end of the project so I really like the idea of that early touchpoint with stakeholders.” – Maggie Bright

“The organization has to kind of buy into this as a framework as a way of thinking about their category. And that is a big communication challenge over and above the research challenge. And in some ways the communication part is actually the harder part. Right? It’s making people feel, and people that were not involved in the core research of this, making them feel like they understand it, help them embrace it.” – Chuck Murphy

“I think the key is if you think about it, like oh, my gosh, I have to get an entire organization to align on a framework that I developed from a survey, it feels overwhelming, but if you just kind of say, hey, I need to introduce people to our, our audience, and you start to do small things, but it’s the little things that can help sort of infiltrate this into your organization.” – Maggie Bright