3 Phrases to Lead Your Team to Success

Whether you're trying to build the world's tallest building or a simple cup of coffee as a barista, in order for a Ten Powerful phrases for positive peopleteam to be as successful as possible, support and communication are necessary and critical. In Rich DeVos' Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People, he describes why the ten phrases he chose are important to integrate into everyone's daily lives in order to have positive and successful relationships. While not all of his phrases are as relevant in the workplace, a few of them are extremely pertinent. We are going to focus on three phrases that are key to any workplace relationship, especially between team members and managers/reports: "I need you," "You can do it," and "I believe in you."

Phrase One: "I need you"

As DeVos discusses the phrase "I need you," he points out "There's no ‘I' in team." Here at Murphy Research, our team members work as partners regardless of position and tenure. It's important when working with others to keep in mind that by mutually leaning on one another for support, the dynamic will naturally make work more efficient and effective. Being able to communicate to your manager and other colleagues when you need assistance for a simple or large task shows that you recognize others' abilities to provide help, you trust the work he/she/they can do, and you care about your work.

Phrase Two: "You can do it"

Another phrase DeVos recognizes is "You can do it." He highlights the importance of encouraging others and yourself with this phrase. DeVos explains that if you "limit your whole life; you will always have regrets, thinking I wish I'd tried that." You first must believe in yourself and believe you can do anything you set your mind to. Taking the can-do attitude and applying it towards your work ethic shows you have confidence and drive to push the boundaries and exceed expectations.

3 Phrases To Lead Your Team to Success

Phrase Three: "I believe in you"

Following "You can do it," comes a more earnest phrase, "I believe in you." DeVos says, "when we talk about believing, we also mention the need to try. We never know what we can accomplish until we test our beliefs by trying." At Murphy Research, we make it a priority to develop strong team dynamics, and create mutual passions that further our bonds and success as a team. By telling each other "I believe in you," you instill trust not only in the work of your colleagues, but also in the way in which you work, leading to empowerment and encouragement that drives success and productivity.

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