What I Learned from the OmniShopper Conference: Day 1
By Lisa Brown

What I Learned from the OmniShopper Conference: Day 1

Last week I attended the OmniShopper conference held at the Radisson Blu in Chicago, Il. This annual event promised to inspire, engage and transform brands into the future of retailing. After attending two of the three days, a multitude of sessions, keynote speakers and networking opportunities, here are my key takeways.

– What has changed in the world of retail over the past year? –

The Future Hunters of Erica Orange and Jared Weiner set up the stage for the day by discussing how in the last year things have drastically changed from a consumer, shopping and behavioral perspective in the world of retail.


Jared went on to bring up several new trends; templosion, the need for rapid iterations, generational compression and cybrids. No not cyborgs from the movie Terminator but this is the new term for Gen Z.

– What is templosion you ask? –

That is about being obsolete in 12-24 months rather than the typical 3-5 years that it takes for trends to emerge.

– What does this mean for brands?-

Warp Speed
This has resulted in the need for brands to focus on rapid iterations and abbreviated product development lifecycles. Brands need to have an organizational shift to be able to innovate in warp-speed, be nimble and predictive rather than reactive.

Next up, Erica shared how we are becoming a shared economy and have shifted towards the need for optimization of goods. She questioned the audience “How can you recalibrate?”
Since the retail environment is evolving into a more personalized and customized world, how do brands switch their thinking, their usage of data and develop narratives rather than data dumps.

Augmented Reality
Finally, the last trend that the duo discussed was how tech is transforming into an augmented reality world which is moving into the real world through overlaying sensorial experiences.

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