How Creative Freedom is Driving Growth at Murphy Research
By Roy Hwang

Throughout most of my career, I had grown used to the several liberties one enjoys from being his own boss and freelancing. That’s why, when faced with my first programming job in a corporate setting, I had prepared myself for the worst. However, rather than being introduced to an inflexible process and glaring fluorescent lights, I was met with a colorful environment, and equally colorful individuals who all shared the same vision for success. It was immediately apparent to me that Murphy Research is a company that breaks away from the norm, and is never satisfied with itself. This is a company that strives to become the best that it can be, and gives its employees the means to do so.

Programmers like me flourish when we aren’t confined into a tight box of regulations. When the company management trusts you to hold yourself to a higher standard than they themselves might, wonderful and creative projects are born. Murphy Research encourages its employees to pursue their own methods of improving our company’s research process. This means that everyone is provided the opportunity to contribute a unique flavor of improvement that otherwise might have gone buried under a mound of paperweight proposals at another company. For a programmer, this means that we have our full tech stack at hand to solve any and every problem.

This creative freedom allows us to expand the boundaries of what we previously accepted as the industry standard. The programming team is constantly developing cutting-edge in-house tools to push Murphy Research to the vanguard of quality market research. Our work allows for Murphy Research to automate pencil pushing work, so we can focus on the parts which truly have an impact for our clients: Putting out higher quality reports faster and better than the rest of the competition. Whether it involves next generation storytelling with innovative graphics technology, or smarter data processing with our homebrew tools, the freedom to innovate continues to be the driving growth factor of this company.

When trust and talent come together, true growth can be achieved. Murphy Research is a company that understands these steps to success, and continues to carve its own path to the top. Don’t fall asleep on this company – Murphy Research is about to make the leap into the next generation of market research!

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